Mechanic Soap Industrial Hand Soap (1 Box=12pcs)


Weight(grams): 100

Product Code: MS001

Heavy Duty Mechanic Soap with coconut Oil, Industrial Hand Cleaner (1 box=12 pcs)

- Brand new quality mechanic soap.
- Economical and easy to use.
- Super saving on usage compare to liquid type, can be used for few months.
- Pure, fresh smelling with no petroleum odor.
- Natural ingredient.
- Contain coconut oil to moisturize skin.
- Effective performance on hand cleaning.
- Contains special formula of surface active detergent that hold harmless effect on user hand.
- Sand like Pumice scrubbing particles to easily clean a broad range of industrial soils, dirt, oil and grease.
- Good for home, factories and shop.
- Best for works on mechanical, engineering, ship building, wielding manufacturing, construction and motor repairing.
- Weight: 100gram/pcs
- Product dimensions (100g soap) : 7.5cm x 5.5cm x 2.5cm
- Packaging: 12pcs/box (1 box)

Mechanic Soap

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