This is Cold Process Handmade Soaps. Marigold flowers have been found to be an effective remedy for dark sore, improvement sensitive skin and metabolism. Considered a vulnerary, antimicrobial, anti-phlogistic. Beneficial for wounds and have antibacterial and inflammation perperties.

Minimum order quantity : 1000 piece each item  

The base of these natural handmade soaps is olive oil, coconut oil, palm oil, rice bean oil, sunflower oil, and sesame oil, sweet almond and herbals. We don’t use tallow or animal fat in any of our handcrafted soaps. The handmade soap is air dried and aged for a minimum of four weeks to produce a mild, gentle, long-lasting bar of soap that is naturally high in glycerine. Our soap will leave your skin feeling smooth, soft, and re-hydrated.

1.OEM & ODM offered in your logo 
2. Formula offered 
3. Consulting & purchasing of raw materials and packaging materials 
4. Design and submission of samples for the products and/or packing material 
5. Manufacturing of semi-finished products and QA checkout 
6. Manufacture, fill, pack and QA checkout on finished products 
7. Manufacturing according to customer’s samples and specification 
8. Offer different formula, fragrance or design as per customer’s requirement 

All the oils we use were chosen for their healing and nourishing qualities. For the most luxurious bar of soap, we have researched the best percentage to use of each particular oil, so that other nurturing oils could be added.